Chiropractic’s Cradle. . .


Newton’s Cradle is a simple device that demonstrates the laws of momentum with a series of swinging spheres. The progression of many health problems can be described in a similar, sequential manner.

A small slip, fall or bump nudges your spine out of alignment and produces stress in your Nerve System called a Subluxation. It creates a state of Dis-Ease, a disruption in the body’s ability to maintain perfect health.  Over time, Pathological changes in cells lead to physiologic Dysfunctions in organ systems which you eventually experience as Symptoms.  If this negative momentum is allowed to continue, the last ball in line is Death…

Many patients are unaware of their health issues until ball #5 – well after the negative cascade begins.  That’s why Chiropractors encourage preventative screenings for Subluxations.  The goal is to get checked before the first ball swings.

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