The Domino Effect of LIFE. . .

The domino effect describes a chain reaction that occurs when a small event triggers a reaction nearby,
setting off another reaction, then another, until it produces an ultimate result. Getting your health back
with Chiropractic care happens in a similar way.
Chiropractors start the process with a small event called an Adjustment. Spinal adjustments restore
Ease in your nerve system which promotes Healing. Over Time your body literally Recreates itself…
replacing sick, damaged cells and tissues with stronger, healthier ones. You experience improvements in
the way your body Performs like stronger immunity, deeper sleep, greater physical energy and a confident
sense of well being. The end result is more expression of LIFE.
The ultimate goal of Chiropractic is to help you experience the abundance of LIFE inside you – so
you can fulfill your purpose and bring more joy to those around you. Staying ‘lined up’ with regular Chiropractic
care is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and those you love the most.

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