Headaches in Children

  Ouch! Did you know that 96% of children experienced some acute pain in the previous month? Headache, at 78%, is the most common type of pain reported. You may not have known that your child was experiencing pain. Sometimes children will show behavioral changes rather than complain of head pain. One study tested parents’ […]

Neck Pain, Headache, and the Jaw Joint

Neck pain and headaches can be very disabling and can significantly alter a person’s normal pattern of living.  Simple things like reading the newspaper, cooking, driving a car, and/or looking down when feeding a baby, can become almost intolerable.  Canceling plans for the day or saying “no” to vacations can be very disheartening and often […]

I’m Waking Up With A Stiff Neck!

Source: http://www.solutions.com   Life is stressful enough during the day that it seems truly heartbreaking that many us cannot get the restorative sleep we need each night. Tossing and turning causing insomnia is an epidemic in the U.S., but worse, some of us wake up with actual pain and stiffness. What a way to start […]

Low Back Pain vs. a Low Back Problem: Is There a Difference?

Your “back pain” might be a misnomer. We often confuse pain for a problem. Doctors often don’t help matters by not doing thorough examinations, and just offering a prescription of pain pills or anti-inflammatory drugs when the patient comes in with a complaint of pain.             So what is the difference? The pain is […]

Neck Pain Exercise Options

Exercise for the neck is very important since weak muscles are related to many painful conditions of the neck and, can contribute to fatigue, irritability, headache, sleep loss, and more.  When done correctly (perform slowly, staying within “reasonable” pain boundaries), they can increase your range of motion, reduce stiffness/tightness, and strengthen your neck muscles. The […]

“Real Doctor in the Rearview. . .”

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The specialists say you have allergies, asthma, sleep apnea, depression, chronic fatigue, GERD and fibromyalgia. They say you’ll be on a dozen different medications for the rest of your life. But what does the doctor looking back at you in the mirror say? The doctor in the mirror says you have an innate wisdom inside, […]

Is Chiropractic Dangerous?

The mission of chiropractic is to help sick people get well, as well as to help healthy people function better in the absence of drugs or surgery. When people are asked, “…what chiropractors do,” the frequent response is, “…they crack your neck and/or back.” Chiropractic spinal manipulation (frequently called an adjustment), often produces an audible […]

Five Exercises to Help Your Neck Stay Pain-Free

  Source: http://www.terapeutics.com             The neck is the most flexible part of your spine and just like any other area of the body, movement exercises and good posture are important to maintain its health. Neck pains can be brought on or aggravated by how you treat this vital structure. We often neglect our […]

Low Back Pain and Work Injuries

 About 1/3 of patients with low back pain will consult a doctor of chiropractic. People who injure their low back on the job also often consult a chiropractor. One study (J Occup Environ med 2007;49:1124;Wasiak R, Kim J, Pransky GS) looked at these on-the-job injuries and how chiropractic care was used. In this report from […]

Non-Surgical Treatment Options

There are many treatment options for those suffering from neck pain.  There is conventional medical care where the family doctor will usually prescribe a muscle relaxant, anti-inflammatory, and/or pain killer to help patients through episodes of acute neck pain.  However, many patients with neck pain have been through the process of treatments associated with medications […]