The Most Important Principles For Staying Young: Dr. Michael F. Roizen

Our basic premise is that your body is amazing:  You get a do over: it doesn’t take that long, and it isn’t that hard if you know what to do.  In these notes, we give you a short course in what to do so it becomes easy for you, and for you to teach others. We want you to know how much control you have over your quality and length of life.

Believe it or not, in the United States only 6% of middle and high schools provide daily physical education (PE) for everyone, and 20% of elementary schools have abolished PE altogether.

We want everyone to realize physical education reduces stress and calms kids, making them happier and more attentive in the classroom. Physically fit kids are more likely to skip risky behaviors. PE is also the best way to battle obesity (30% of all teens) and type 2 diabetes (21% more kids have type 2 now than in 2001), which threaten children’s heart health even while they’re young.

Now, the summer is a great time to start a year-round plan for getting your kids active. You’ll establish habits for life-long good health.

  • Step One: Get yourself      off the sofa and away from the computer! Active parents have kids who are      5 to 6 times more physical than children of couch-potatoes.
  • Step Two: Plan all-season      family activities: Walk for 45 minutes after dinner; take kids to a swim      club twice a week; go on weekend hikes; garden or do tasks around the      yard!
  • Step Three: Make it a      community effort. Call teachers, neighbors, and the parents of your kids’      friends. Even if your kids go to a private school, the health of your      community may depend on it.  Plan      activities together, and lobby that school board to get PE back into your      school!

Thanks for reading,

Young Dr Mike

NOTE: You should NOT take this as medical advice.

This article is of the opinion of its author.

Before you do anything, please consult with your doctor.

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