The Two Most Common Chiropractic Treatments

There are many types of Chiropractic treatments but here are two of the most common: manipulation and mobilization.

Manipulation creates the noise you hear when gas is released as joints in the neck area are unlocked, reset, and/or realigned and their normal function is restored.

Mobilization does not involve the noise. Instead, the neck is moved gently in a side-to-side or figure eight motion in an attempt to restore proper function.

Which is better? Recent research has shown…”There is moderate-to-high quality evidence that immediate clinically important improvements are obtained from a single session of spinal manipulation. The evidence for mobilization is less substantial, with fewer studies reporting smaller immediate changes.”

Most likely, both treatments together are helpful.

You may be a candidate for Chiropractic care!  For a free no-obligation consultation call 309-268-9000.


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